Thursday, March 25, 2010


Couple things. First up is a panel from a possible comic I'm making with this guy. Then a recent co-lab with Dr. Burney, Massi and Les. Then some random sketches. Not sure what direction I'm headed in right now, but sketching has been really enjoyable lately.


  1. VERY cool sketches. especially love the second one. it reminds me a lot of this guy's stuff:

    sorry--i found this so long ago and i just tried figuring out the artist's first name and i can't find it... all i know is that his/her last name is stockton and this is the piece your sketch reminded me of.

  2. sick dude, the top one is awesome. those collabs were fun, must do more. i was able to find my keys the next morning cuz of a note in your sketchbook haha